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Connected by 19428

There’s been a long time rivalry between Conshy and W Conshy since I can remember, however, that has slowly faded over time with of our industrial buildings changing to office buildings and the narrow two lane bridge to a 4 lane bridge leading to more highways. We are definitely evolving into one all encompassing community. Divided only by a River we stand connected by the Bridge, a Zip Code and the People who reside here.

Outside our area no one is aware of our differences, in fact, most people are very confused by the whole West Side & East Side of Fayette St and somehow think that is West Conshy. (It’s very funny when someone is looking for a home and they ask me, cracks me up. Guess you had to be there.)

When I was younger growing up in Conshy the differences were more apparent and that is what separated us, not the River. I think a big part of that was due to our families causing rivalries between Firehouses and even more apparent the sports teams. West Conshy Raiders vs. Conshy Bears, that was a GAME! Our CYO teams were also heavy in Competition having so many parishes. The only reason we were allowed to cross the bridge or even wanted to was to dine at our favorite fast food chain McDonald’s.

Today as everything else times have changed. (Some good, some not so good) Our Catholic Churches have united into one, West Conshy football has faded away and we have wayyyy better restaurants to choose from and because of our ability to grow and change we (both sides of the bridge) are a sought after community.

I’m often asked by the new buyers in town “What is the difference between each Borough” in regards to the housing market. The old answer is no longer right, we are no longer in competition. So I go with this… The answer is lifestyle. If you are a daily commuter, want to walk to the restaurants, and want Colonial SD than Conshy is your choice (I saw a twitter post recently where someone hated hearing the name Conshy instead of Conshohocken… it’s an endearing term used by the hardworking people who built the town.) If you take 76, 476 or work at one of the Tower Bridges or GSK than West Conshy would be more your thing. However, as the two Boroughs evolve and grow so will the defining of each housing market and their demographics.

The demand to reside in West Conshohocken is rising as high end homes begin to emerge such as, the new luxury homes of “Echo Ridge” developed by Borkowski Homes (you all know him as Chuck, the builder next door) A sought after community sitting high on the ridge overlooking the Borough’s and their River. It’s reminiscent to Nolen Builders whose pioneering efforts led to the construction of Merion Hill offering a lifestyle appealing to young professionals, sports figures and Main Line downsizers alike. No matter what side of the bridge you live on I think we can all agree that we love our community and would not trade it for the world. Binnie Bianco REALTOR Long & Foster – Conshohocken

Click here to check out the full Conshy Courier - featured of pages 10-11 and on the rear cover!

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