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About Us

Product, Relationships, and Value

Borkowski Homes is not a large, corporate builder. Most of our dwellings are in Montgomery County and that allows a diversified product range. While most local builders will demolish and just build new we look at the community we are developing in. If Chuck can save a home and give it new life he does not shy away from that duty. While most of our product is new construction that hasn’t stopped our focus on responsible renovations.

When you purchase a Borkowski built home, whether it is new construction or a distinct renovation, you will enjoy the comfort of a well thought out build. Chuck has said he can reconstruct a house 15% cheaper all day, but he chooses to use trusted vendors and products that will make sure relationships count! Owning much of our own machinery allows us to customize the site and landscape ensuring a relaxing environment outside of your home. We want you to move in and relax! If you want a patio, exterior fireplace, pergola….just ask. If you can dream it we’ll design and develop it!

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